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Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press

Product Description


Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press 

A heat press specifically designed to personalize or customize inflatable youth league sport balls to professional balls. The press allows customers to expand their decorating capabilities even further. Customers can add a team logo, a school name, a team photo, a sponsor logo, corporate commercial logos, or a player name /numbers to a ball. Excellent promotional opportunities during special games or tournaments, as a trophy or award, to commemorate a special event or occasion, or as a promotional giveaway.

  • Auto Open
  • Twin Timers™
  • Adjustable ball cradle to accommodate youth league to professional size.
  • Personalize with player name and number
  • 120 volt, 220 volt
  • Maximum Print Area: Up to 1 ½ x4w
  • Hotronix® 5 Year Premium

Actual Weight – 40 lbs.

Shipping Weight – 45 lbs.

Actual Dimensions: 24" x 14”W x 25”H

Shipping Dimensions: 25”L x 14”W x 25”H 

Pressure: Balls should be fully inflated before printing.  Make contact with the ball 2 inches before final lock down. Compress the ball only as wide as the print you’re applying.

6X6 Flexible Application Pad Included with press.


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